3rd International Bozok Symposium

Regional Development and Socio-Cultural Structure

03-05 May 2018, Yozgat


The theme of the 3rd International Bozok Symposium, which will be held on May 3rd-5th2018, at Cultural Center of Bozok University in Yozgat, is "Regional Development and Socio-Cultural Structure". Proposed abstracts for the symposium should deal with the issues such as;  socio-economic status of Yozgat and its surroundings from past to present,  rural migration and regional development, effects of local economic development on city culture, regional situation of health economics, economic analysis of university-city relations, agricultural activities and employment opportunities, concrete proposals for regional development, industrial activities in the region and the ecological problems derived from them, published news on local and national press about regional development and their analysis. In addition to these issues, any application related to the socio-economic development of the region from past to present will be taken into consideration. We would like to invite all researchers studying on the specified areas to join at the symposium.

Symposium sessions will simultaneously be held for two days at different venues of the Cultural Center of Bozok University, and on the third day a social program will be organized.

Papers presented at the symposium will be published as a symposium book  after a peer review process provided that they are submitted between the specified dates.