3rd International Bozok Symposium

Regional Development and Socio-Cultural Structure

03-05 May 2018, Yozgat


  1. The papers can be presented in Turkish or English.
  2. The papers should not be previously published in any scientific journal.
  3. The subjects of the papers should be in accordance with the scientific fields and the titles of the symposium.
  4. The papers should be "original" in terms of the method, the subject, and the references.
  5. The papers should not be longer than 15 pages with A4 size.
  6. The papers should be submitted to the secretariat before the symposium.
  7. The authors, who do not send the full text on the given date and their papers are not approved by the scientific committee (even if the abstract is accepted), will not be invited and their papers will not be published.
  8. The papers should introduce new knowledge and theses.
  9. Abstracts should be between 250-300 words and sent to the given date.
  10. The papers, which are approved by the Scientific Committee, will be published.


Abstract Preparation:

  1. The abstracts should be prepared not to be longerthan 300 words except title and references.
  2. Five key words related to the study should be addedat the end of the abstract.

  3. Abstract title should be given as bold and centered, with the first letters capitalized.

  4. The abstract should be at the beginning of the paragraph, with the first letter capitalized in bold.

  5. The abstract should be aligned on both sides.

Preparation of the Full Text:

  1. Full texts should include the following chapters or titles:
  2. Subject title

  3. (Under the title) Name / Surname of the Author / Authors (Title, institution and e-mail address should be written in the footnote.) Author names should be written in italic on right side.

  4. Abstract

  5. Subject (titles, chapters, conclusion, references, annexes, etc.)

  6. Full texts should be written on A4 size paper with 1.5 lines, 11 pt. Times New Roman font with right margin 2 cm the other sides 2,5 cm, footnotes should be written in single line, 10 pt. and full texts should not be longer than 10 pages. 

  7. The paragraph spacing should be set to 3.

  8. The paragraph indentation should be 1.25 cm inside.

  9. Subject title should be given as bold and centered, with the first letters capitalized.

  10. The paper should be aligned on both sides.

  11. Footnotes should be in mentioned pages, tables and figures should be in cited pages or the following ones. Tables and figures should be titled and numbered; titles should be on tables, under figures and graphics.

  12. At the end of the paper, the references mentioned in the text should be given in alphabetical order. The references should be prepared in a single line, the first line aligned on the left, and the other lines 1 cm from the inside.

  13. The annexes should be written after references.

  14. In the preparation of the paper, authors should follow scientific writing rules in related subjects that are not mentioned here.

  15. Full texts should be sent to the e-mail address: bozoksempozyumu3@bozok.edu.tr